Healing Begins Here Massage

Customized massage session incorporating hot towels, hot stones, muscle marinade, cupping therapy, slow flow deep tissue and relaxation fusion techniques, and essential oils. All elements are implemented to create maximum results in allotted session time. This is a great session for anyone in need of a physical and mental reset.

45 Minutes - $75

60 Minutes - $90

75 Minutes - $105

90 Minutes - $120

Sinus Session

A relaxing session designed to alleviate sinus pressure associated with seasonal allergies. Incorporates a number of techniques targeted for sinuses including face, scalp, and neck massage, foot reflexology, and essential oils.

45 Minutes - $70

Self - Love Session

A relaxing session including face and scalp massage, hot towels, essential oils and hot basalt stones to melt away muscle tension while relaxing and warming the body. This massage will leave you feeling nurtured from head to toe. A great appointment to book anytime, but especially during the cold winter months.

65 Minutes - $100

Renewal Session

Relaxing massage that incorporates face and scalp massage, hot towels, hot basalt stones, cooling muscle marinade and fusion of relaxation and deep tissue techniques to create full body renewal.

75 Minutes - $110

Fire & Ice Session

A fusion of deep tissue and relaxation massage techniques are paired with complementary healing tools of hot and cooling stones in this deeply healing session. Hot basalt stones melt away tension followed by cooling marble stones, reducing inflammation while invigorating the body. This session is ideal for anyone in need of restoring balance to both body and mind.

80 Minutes - $115

All The Things

You deserve this! Let us create a break from life for you. Includes hot towels, hot stones, muscle marinade, cupping therapy, slow flow deep tissue and relaxation fusion techniques, essential oils, face and scalp massage, and foot reflexology. This session will leave you feeling like a new person from head to toe.

2 Hours - $200

Deep Tissue / Medical Massage

Massage that utilizes deep tissue techniques and attachment point therapy to break up adhesion and scar tissue, ease muscle fatigue, reduce tension, and increase flexibility and range of motion. This session is ideal for relief from specific pain and muscle fatigue and for those familiar with deep pressure.

45 Minutes - $70

60 Minutes - $85

75 Minutes - $100

90 Minutes - $115

Relaxation Massage

Ideal session for anyone new to massage or anyone in need of simple relaxation. This massage incorporates hot towels and relaxation massage techniques designed to alleviate muscle tension while also calming the nervous system, all conducted in a peaceful environment.

45 Minutes - $60

60 Minutes - $80

75 Minutes - $95

90 Minutes - $110

Prenatal Massage

(Client must be at least 8 weeks pregnant)

Prenatal massage sessions are specifically designed to relax the nervous systems of both mom and baby while also addressing physical discomfort associated with pregnancy. Sessions are performed by a licensed and experienced massage therapist familiar with the physical changes mothers experience during pregnancy.

60 Minutes - $80

Couples Massage

Relax and reconnect with your loved one with a couples massage session. Sessions are performed in the same room, with relaxing music and candlelight, by two licensed experienced massage therapists. To ensure two therapists are available for your session, all reservations must be made via phone at 574-261-8500, or via email at and must be pre-paid with a valid credit card.

60 Minutes - $170

75 Minutes - $200

90 Minutes - $230

Add-on services available; priced per person.

Massage Add-On Services

Foot Reflexology - $25

Applied pressure to areas of the feet associated with specific zones of the body. This add-on also incorporates massage techniques, hot towels, hot stones, and essential oils.

Face and Scalp Massage - $20

Massage applied to face and scalp to enhance relaxation while melting away head, neck, and shoulder tension. This massage is typically conducted at the beginning of the massage and without the use of oil.

Muscle Marinade - $10

Anti-inflammatory essential oils combined with moist heat therapy applied to areas of tension, scar tissue, and adhesion. Enjoy warming and cooling sensations in this non-invasive technique is perfect for clients that want maximum reduction of tension without deep pressure.

Cupping Therapy - $10

Silicone suction cups applied to areas of tension, scar tissue, and adhesion, creating negative pressure and removing stagnant fluid from tissues allowing fresh blood, lymph, and oxygen flow into the tissue site and advance healing.

Hot Stones - $10

Hot basalt stones are incorporated into massage strokes to enhance relaxation while melting away tension in the body.

Cooling Stones - $10

Cool marble stones are incorporated into massage strokes to reduce inflammation and swelling to promote healing while invigorating the body.

*A credit card is required to book any appointment online. Your card will not be charged, but is used to guarantee your time with our therapist. The card number you provide will not be used for session payment, so please be prepared to bring your desired payment method with you to your appointment.

We tend to book 1-2 weeks in advance. If you do not see your desired time slot available, we will be happy to add you to our cancellation list. To be added to the cancellation list, email us at or text us at 574-261-8500.